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Dale Hollow Emmaus Chrysalis Community
Burkesville, Kentucky
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What is Agape?

In simple terms, agape means love. It is selfless, sacrificing, unconditional, and voluntary love such as God's love for us. In Emmaus, agape refers to special acts of service, prayer, sacrifice, giving, and other expressions of Christian love for one another. The following are just some of the ways members of the Emmaus community can show agape love:

Sponsorship - Sponsoring a pilgrim or caterpillar is the ultimate act of Emmaus agape. By praying and seeking God’s guidance and through self sacrifice, you are able to bless another person with the experience of three days in His presence.

Prayer - Prayer is the backbone of the Emmaus experience. Sponsors, team members, and the entire community lift up the pilgrims or caterpillars and team members in prayer before, during, and after the walk or flight. Community members take part in a 72-hour prayer vigil during each walk and flight.

Servanthood - Serving on a weekend team either behind the scenes or in the conference room is an act of agape love. In addition to hard work, preparation, and time away from family and work, team members must pay a team fee of $80.

Agape Letters - Personal agape letters from family and friends communicate God’s love for each pilgrim in personal ways that are unique through relationships.
Click here for a letter to request agape letters.

Snack Agape - Snack agape, 2 ltr. soft drinks, and other refreshments are welcome and should be turned in to the kitchen at Send Off if possible. Hard candy, chocolate, or any indiviually wrapped food items can be turned in to the Weekend Agape Coordinator along with table and gift agape.

Gift Agape/Table Agape- It is common for Reunion Groups or individuals to make or purchase gifts of agape and/or table agape for particular walks or for all walks. For most walks and flights, 70 of each item is needed. Contact the Community Agape Coordinator or the Weekend Agape Coordinator for more information about what items are needed.
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